The MCF token is a community based token offering incentives and rewards to investors on the Max Crowdfund platform. Our growth is your opportunity!



Trustwallet or Metamask
Create MetaMask or Trust Wallet

The wallets are available on both the AppStore and Google Play. If you are on a desktop, we would recommend downloading the MetaMask Google Chrome add-on. Always save your private keys in a secure place!!

Binance Smart Chain
Purchase Binance Coins (BNB)

BNB's are available on most exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase. Once you purchase the desired amount, deposit it into your MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Make sure you enter the correct address and select the correct network.

Connect Wallet with Pancakeswap

Click on the button below to find the Max Crowdfund token. Select the MCF/BNB pair. The correct contract address is: 0xecb19b2a4e9c76ce748cf33f68f0857288f9f090 Make sure the slippage is set to 8% and buy MCF by pressing the Swap button.

Why the MCF token?

The MCF token is a community based token offering incentives and rewards to verified users on the Max Crowdfund platform. The token's utility is growing with the user growth of the Max Crowdfund platform and the community combined.

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The Max Crowdfund token (MCF) was created on Friday the 21st of May of 2021 and can be tracked on the Binance Smart Chain Scan website. Via this link you can track the MCF token.

The total amount of MCF tokens is 1,000,000,000 MCF and no more tokens will be created. We will however burn MCF tokens to the BSC burn address!

  1. 5% of the total value of all MCF transactions will be automatically distributed to Liquidity Pool providers.
  2. 1% of the total value of all MCF transactions will be automatically distributed to all token holders.
  3. 0.1% of all investment amounts raised on all the Max Crowdfund platforms will be used to buy MCF tokens on the open market, and these bought back tokens are being burned. 
  4. We burn MCF tokens monthly, but never announce the burn until after the event.
  5. Recent burns have been announced on our Medium Channel.

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MCF Token Tokenomics


Max Property Group, the owner of Max Crowdfund, will use 0.1% of all funds raised on any of the real estate crowdfunding platforms of Max Crowdfund to buy MCF tokens on the open market and burn them by sending them to the Binance Smart Chain burn address (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD).

MCF Token burn announcements are published on our Medium Channel.

  1. Announcement MCF token burn 1
  2. Announcement MCF token burn 2
  3. Announcement MCF token burn 3
  4. Announcement MCF token burn 4
  5. Announcement MCF token burn 5
  6. Announcement MCF token burn 6
  7. Announcement MCF token burn 7
  8. Announcement MCF token burn 8
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Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Felix Berkhout
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Anne Visser
Chief Operating Office (COO)
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Erwin van Kekem
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Jan Angel
Business Development Manager
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Marc Bakker
Social Media Marketing Manager
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Julia van der Kooij
Public Relations and Customer Service Manager
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Sharon Beumers
Communications and Content Manager
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Toni Grunwald
MCF Token Team Leader
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Hilko Censki
Assistant Sales Manager
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Wai-yee Schmidt
Member of the Board of Advisors
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Gustavo Rota
Member of the Board of Advisors
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Sven-Thomas Munte
Member of the Board of Advisors
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Mark Lloyd
Max Crowdfund United Kingdom
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Peter Schless
Max Crowdfund Germany
Medewerker Max Crowdfund
Kirk Pullar
Max Crowdfund New Zealand

Why the Binance Smart Chain?

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain protocol from Binance that runs in parallel with the Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, however, Binance Smart Chain powers smart contract functionality and boasts compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

What’s more, BSC has one of the fastest blockchain transaction times and lowest fee structures, which makes building DeFi apps on the protocol so appealing for developers.

Binance Smart Chain uses a consensus algorithm known as Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) where 21 validators stake BNB, the native token for the Binance ecosystem, to secure the network.

Binance Smart Chain

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